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Holland and Barrett 'Horny Goatweed'

Promoting the 'benefits' of Horny goatweed for Holland and Barrett

I was hired to remodel and rig both goats  and set-up  facial and secondary animation controllers.

Dir: Jens & Anna
Agency: RKCR/YR
3D modeller and rigger: Nick Savy.


The brief was to create and pose miniature people in a 'Preiser model style' for this stop motion advert

Picturesmith/Toast TV
3D modeller and keyframe artist: Nick Savy.

Sour patch take over DCM cinema ad

Following on from creating DCM's cinema idents - Jump produced this 'takeover' version of the opening sting promoted by Maynard's Sour Patch Kids sweets.

The Sour Patch Kids characters already had a commercial campaign running where they were seen doing something naughty (sour) followed by something nice (sweet). In this ident the cheeky character stops the film playing properly by interfering with the projector - only to be seen in the end pack shot walking over and hugging the logo.

Lead Designer: Russell Hilliard
3D modeller and animator: Nick Savy.

Pearls and popcorn clothing ad campaign

Modelling and rigging lead.For this series of Advertisements  I  created a modelling and facial pipeline for the generation of several child characters. Designed topology layout, set-up a set generic facial expressions that would fit each character, designed and rigged a facial UI  and built and skinned  a set of  collision bodies for the cloth simulations  and modelled 2 of the childrens likenesses, organised and shot the reference shoot. supervised the other artists output meshes,

Channel 5 weather, sponsored by Kleenex

Designed and modelled characters for 3D printing for this 'stop frame animation' series of Channel 5 weather bookends. The models were based on a set of model railway figurines and only 10cm tall. for this I used Maya and Zbrush to sculpt and pose each character, there were printed using a powder based 3D printer to maintain detail, then hand painted and shot using model railway enviroments.


Compare the Meerkats   'Battle of fearlessness'

The brief was o design and build costumes and props for this episode of the Meerkats Ad series. 19th century Russian and Mogolian influences were used to create these costumes.

Props included  the scorpoin, battle horn, serving plate and cloche'  

Modelled using Maya, rigged and animated in XSI.


Liblabcon intro for Stadtler and Waldorf

Complete production of the opening intro ident. (1st 19 seconds)

The brief was to emulate a cross between the Universal Pictures and the Disney ident sequences.

This entire project had a very tight deadline, so some models had to be bought in from Turbosquid and extensively modified for the project.

For this I used Maya, Photoshop and After Effects

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